World of Warships – Intro

There are not a lot of hit naval warfare games but World of Warships is one of the few.  It is a free-to-play MMO published by Wargaming in 2015 after its other hit war games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.  The premise of the game is to take the helm of warships from throughout the 20th century and use them in PvP or PvE content.  

You can choose from several naval powerhouses fleets in a variety of game modes.  There are a limited number of maps, mostly taking place in locations that had historic naval battles.  For PvE matches players must complete several objectives to claim victory.   In PvP battles the goal is to eliminate the enemy vessels.

To gain access to new ships you can spend your experience points gained from playing to progress through a tech-tree.  Once you have unlocked all modules needed for a particular vessel you can move on to the next, and if you fully upgrade a ship it is given Elite status.  There are also skill trees for ship commanders and other unique perks that can be unlocked to further customize your fleet.  

There are also features like combat missions, challenges, campaigns  and collections that give extra rewards to use for player progression.  In addition there are Ranked and Clan battles.  Ranked battles are where individuals square off, and in Clan battles you must bring teammates to the fight.  Over time there have been other World of Warships interactions that have allowed the game to be played on mobile devices and consoles.  

That being said what’s stopping you from conquering the high seas?  Take the helm on PC, Mac, iOS, Android Playstation 4 or Xbox One now!