World of Warplanes – Intro

Howdy gamers!  Aircraft combat has drastically changed since its inception.  Prop powered planes could only go so fast, but jet aircraft seem to just get faster and faster.  While it’s tough to be able to pilot any military aircraft in the real world there are quite a few ways to do it virtually via games.  Wargaming and Persha Studia released World of Warplanes (WoWP) in 2013.

The game has over 100 aircraft from various countries that can be divided into 5 groups.  Fighters typically have fixed-wing and air mostly involved in air to air combat.  Multirole fighters might also carry bombs for targeting ground units.  Heavy fighters were designed to carry out long-range missions that other fighters, and also had larger caliber armament typically. Bombers, like the iconic B-29, carried a high amount of bombs and were more about quantity over precision when they were used heavily in combat. Finally, ground attack planes are more modern bombers that are more precise in their targeting of ground units.  There are nearly endless configurations of aircraft that can be created.  Customization of camouflage, reinforced sections, and engine upgrades are just a few ways you can boost your aircraft’s performance in matches.  New equipment and aircraft can be unlocked as you progress in the tech tree.

WoWP starts out with a tutorial to get you familiar with in-game controls.  There is a mix of PvP and PvE content, as well as a sandbox training mode that lets you test out new strategies and aircraft, but won’t earn you rewards.  In standard mode, players compete to either eliminate the other team or achieve air superiority by destroying more ground targets than the opposition.  

The primary mode in WoWP, Conquests, has 2 teams compete over territories on a map.  As territories are captured after completing objectives, the team will earn points.  Objectives can include destroying aircraft or ground targets in the territory.  Territories are grouped into different types.  Airfields that are captured give your team a new spawn location.  Military bases attack other territories for you adding to your point total as well.  If one side takes a commanding point lead, respawns will stop and as planes are taken down, they are down for the rest of the match.  Players earn rewards based on their match performance for their aircraft class. Fighters get more points for air to air combat while bombers get more points for eliminating ground targets etc.  Players can earn credits, experience, tokens, and gold for unlocking a purchasing difference in-game items and upgrades.

At air shows, you can see some of the aircraft from WoWP flying and show off, but good luck getting to pilot one!  The next best thing for most will be taking a free to play flight in World of Warplanes on Windows!