Rainbow Six Siege – Intro

Howdy gamers!  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an online first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was published in 2015.  The game utilizes technology to allow players to interact with and destroy the environment, most often to gain access to objectives. There is an international cast of operators from various counter-terrorism units.  Each unit has operators that fill either an attacker or defender role with abilities and weapons suited for their tasks.  

Players can earn an in-game currency, Renown, that can be used to unlock the various operators and or cosmetics changes, and R6 credits can be purchased with real currency to more quickly access these items.  There are a limited number of offline Situations or missions that act as a tutorial to prepare players for matches.  The rest of the game modes are multiplayer and share some common mechanics.

At the start of a round, each player on either side chooses a spawn point to start the round.  The attacking team has one minute to control drones and try to find out what the defenders are up to, while the defenders have the same amount of time to set up and try to conceal their preparations.  The drones can be destroyed, so defenders need to keep an eye out for them.  Maps are designed to encourage close-quarter engagements and have a 3-4 minute match length.  When players die they don’t respawn but can use drones and access security camera feeds to try to assist their teammates after being eliminated.  

Players can use the destruction of the environment to gain tactical advantages over the enemy.  The defenders can deploy heavy fortifications to help stop bullets from penetrating walls, but they can still be destroyed by some operators or devices like breaching charges.  However, these highly destructive items are limited in use per round so precision is key when using them.  

There are several multiplayer modes and two PvE modes.  The first PvE mode is Outbreak.  In this mode, 3 players team up to stop an extraterrestrial biohazard attack.  There are 2 versions, the harder mode including friendly fire.  In Terrorist Hunt five players fight again AI-controlled waves in various game modes.   Hostage mode, as well as the remaining modes, is a PvP match type.  The attackers must extract the hostages, while the defenders try to eliminate the attackers and defend the hostages until the match is over.  However, if a team injures a hostage, the other team can try to stop them reviving them before they bleed to death as an alternate way to win the round.  Bomb mode has two bombs that must be defused by the attacking team.  The defenders must either eliminate all attackers or destroy their defusal device.  If defusing starts before all attackers are taken out then the defusal must be stopped to win.  Secure Area mode tasks the defenders with protecting a biohazard container.  If the attackers can secure the container they win.  If all team members are killed the opposition will win the match.  Arcade mode offers limited-time events that modify existing modes, while Seasonal Events last for one game season and are a new unique mode.  

With downloadable content and seasons keeping the game fresh and new, it’s worth taking a look at Rainbow 6 Siege if you like FPS games.  If you have Windows, PlayStation  4, or Xbox One you can join the over 45 million other players already playing today!