TankPit – Intro

TankPit is a small Indie game that is actually a reboot of a game called Battlefield hosted at in 1997.  The game moved to and was there until it was shut down in 2012.  In the same year, TankPit started to try to maintain the original game.  

The game lives on because of a veteran player and software developer.  The basics of this browsers based game lets you pilot a tank around a map, careful to avoid mines laid by the opposing team.  The teams are based on the color you choose when creating your tank.  You can also lay mines, and use your radar to help you survive.  You can take out the enemy with various weapons as you level up your tank and get new weapons.

This small Indie game is definitely a nostalgic walk down memory lane for some.  So dial up your router and take a trip back in time to how games used to be played in your favorite browser today!