SMITE – Intro

Howdy gamers! There are deep histories and lore behind the mythology of ancient civilizations.  Most of the stories talk about wars waged and victories won.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if these characters were able to square off against other pantheons?  Would Zeus defeat Thor?  Smite is the game that can help you find out!  Smite is a MOBA developed by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez studios in 2014.  

Smite is played in 3rd person and is more skill-based than most other MOBA games.  Your ability to move and aim can greatly increase your effectiveness in battle.  Like other MOBAs however, you can buy items in-game to help improve your stats and restore health.  There are several game modes to choose from that change up the experience.  Conquest mode is the standard 3 lane style, each lane spawning minions that advance toward your enemies base  Titans are large characters with high hit points and strong melee attacks.  To help slow down the enemy, each lane has 2 towers and a powerful Phoenix guarding them at points.  In the area between lanes, called the jungle, there are camps guarded by neutral units until they are provoked.  Clearing the camp will give you a powerful bonus.  Each base houses the team’s Titan and must be defended at all costs, or your team will lose the match.  Arena mode is a smaller map without lanes or Titans where each team has to reduce the opposition’s ticket count to zero. 

When players die, they spawn in their base, with an invulnerable Phoenix guarding the entrance.  Assault is very much like Conquest, except there is one lane and no jungle area.  Also, the Gods for each team are randomly chosen, but they can be traded with other players or re-rolled for another random selection.  Joust is another similar mode, with a short lane and some jungle camps with a single Tower and Phoenix as defenses.  Siege mode introduces Siege Juggernauts.  These are creatures that are tough to take down and deal extra damage to structures.  They are summoned each time a team gets 100 points or kills the wild Juggernaut in the center of the map.  When a Juggernaut is alive for a team, a portal is created that will move friendly units to the Juggernaut location on the battlefield.  Clash is another mode similar to Conquest but only has 2 lanes.  There is also the Match Of The Day that changes daily and can have many different unconventional rule sets.  There is also a Training mode that can be used for practicing or to help new players learn the game.

There are over 100 playable gods in the game mythologies all around the world.  As you play you will earn favor used to unlock gods to use in battle.  The gods are grouped into 2 categories, those that use Physical or Magical powers.  Gods only get bonuses to their stats by equipping items of the same power type.  The gods can also be divided into classes.  Hunters and Mages have mostly ranged attacks.  Guardians are the tanks and melee support types.  Warriors are melee bruisers doing more damage than tanks, and not quite as tough.  Assassins, the final class, are mostly more stealthy melee damage dealers and often used to capture jungle camps.  Each team can only have one of each god, unless dictated by the match rules. 

One of the best things about Smite is the sheer number of playable gods.  Once you have mastered one, you can choose another to play as and learn, or keep things fresh by rotating them constantly.  This great MOBA game is also free-to-play on Windows, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch so you really have no excuse not to play it!