Rust – Intro

Howdy gamers!

Rust has been explained to many players as a combination of DayZ, a zombie apocalypse game mod for ARMA 2, and Minecraft, the blocky procedurally generated world of Creepers.  This is a fairly accurate representation of the game.  Developed and published by Facepunch Studios with an early release in 2013, and later full release in 2018, Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game.  And while you have to fight the elements and wild animals the most dangerous enemies are other players.

You start out with just a rock and torch and must figure out how to survive.  As you gather resources you can start to craft items.  As you explore and find blueprints and other materials you can start to craft more complex items.  Occasionally items are airdropped on the map from planes, and players often descend upon their location quickly.  A few of the airdrop vehicles also try to attack players in range but can drop more advanced loot.  

In order to travel larger distances, players can take advantage of a variety of vehicles.  Players must also keep an eye on their food intake to keep from starving to death.  But of course, starvations isn’t the only way to die in the game.  You can also drown, or get hypothermia, die from an animal bite, or die from radiation if you don’t have the proper protective attire.  If you do die, you have the option to respawn in a random location, or where you previously placed a sleeping bag.  There are places called compounds that are neutral areas for trading, and high damage auto-turrets that will fire on you if you draw a weapon.  to help you survive all the hazards of Rust player form clans to help each other out.  Often bases are made for housing the clan and give them a safer place to trade with one another.  Clans can gain significant resources if they are able to raid and loot the bases of other players or clans.  

The possibilities in Rust are pretty open and only really limited by what the game allows you to craft and your imagination.  Thinking of creative ways to survive makes this game very fun to replay.  If you have Windows or Mac you can try to make it on your own right now!