Overwatch – Intro

Howdy Gamers! Blizzard is known for some very big hit games, and in 2016 they stepped into the FPS arena with another one called Overwatch, a squad-based shooter with a wide range of heroes.  Overwatch started out with a casual gameplay focus but has flourished and turned into an esport staple for FPS fans.

One thing that sets Overwatch apart is the depth of the roster of heroes there are to choose from.  All the heros are very different in their attributes and abilities, but they typically fall into 3 categories: Damage Dealer, Tank, or Support.  Damage dealers typically fight near the objectives to eliminate enemy heroes and stop their progress.  They are also usually able to maneuver quickly to avoid taking too much damage themselves.  Tanks are the defenders of the objectives and the rest of the team.  They are also generally close quarter combatants, dealing the most damage to nearby targets, especially when they have Support characters assistance.  Supports typically aid the team heroes with healing or damage mitigation techniques or deal their distance from a far.  Some supports in more of a healing role will either focus their heals, or are able to give a lower amount of healing to a large portion of the team at once.  Most other supports will be sniper types, or deploy gun turrets in key locations to keep the enemy at bay.

There are various game play modes that are typical to the FPS genre, some with a unique twist.  First is Assault, where one team defends 2 captures points, the second capture point is unlocked when the attacking team takes control of the first and extends the match.  The defending team’s goal is to stop the enemy from capturing the points and let the game clock expire.  An overtime period can be triggered by the attacking team being present on the control point, or capturing the first point and unlocking the 2nd.  Capture mode has three rounds without a time limit where two teams fight for control of one capture point at a time.  After points are captured, another is unlocked in a different area of the map and another round begins.  Over time can be activated by one team getting to 99% captured, and the other team being present on the point.  Up to 3 team members can speed up capturing a point.  Escort mode has one team advancing a vehicle along a path while the opposing team tries to stop their progress.  At least one team member must be in the vicinity of the vehicle to advance it, and the opposing team can stop the progress by being present at the same time, or if they are alone begin to move the vehicle back to the last checkpoint.  If the vehicle isn’t escorted to its destination the defending team wins.  There are seasonal match types that come and go with unique rules.

Like other games that have high replayability, Overwatch’s characters make the game fun to come back to over and over.  You can try out all the characters and see which of them fits your play style.  If you are looking for a great new FPS experience give Overwatch a shot on Windows, Playstation 4 Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch now!