osu! – Intro

Howdy Gamers! Not all games are about beating your opponent to submission in a battle.  There are other unique genres out there like rhythm games that challenge a player’s skills in certain areas, like dexterity and precision.  osu! is a fun take on the rhythm game genre and was released in 2007 by Dean “peppy” Herbert for windows, but is now on Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.  

osu! has 4 game play modes each slightly different.  The standard version gives the player a beat map to play by clicking circles, rotating spinners, and holding sliders to the beat of the music.  The next game mode, called osu!taiko is played on a drum like interface that has red and blue notes that the player must hit to the beat.  osu!catch makes the player control a character at the bottom of the screen that catches fruit as it falls the music.  Finally, osu!mania has a piano style layout and the player must play notes to the beat.

The beatmaps used in these game modes are broken up into 5 categories.  Ranked & Approved and beatmaps that have been approved to be playable and offer a global top 50 player leaderboard for each song.  This category also awards points that are used for the player overall global ranking.  Qualified beatmaps are in the approval process, and could be set to Pending if there are issues found with the beatmap.  This category will not grant leaderboard points.  Loved beatmaps are well liked by the community and have their own leaderboard that the creator can reset at any time, it also does not give ranking points.  Pending or WIP (Work in progress) are beatmaps waiting to be ranked or are not yet complete and don’t offer points or a leaderboard.  Graveyard is a category of stale beatmaps that aren’t receiving updates, and not submitted are usually still being made and only available if you have the .osz beatmap file.

osu! has a fairly large world-wide competitive scene and is even being remade and updated, but that’s still in the works.  The game is free to play but has a subscription that offers several perks that allow customization of parts of the game.  Download it today and see if you can feel the beat!