No Man’s Sky – Intro

Howdy gamers!  Released in 2016 No Man’s Sky is a survival and exploration game published and developed by Hello Games.  The game is a vast procedural generated universe that allows players to explore over 10 quintillion planets, though that might take a little while.  Each planet has its own unique ecosystems.  The player has four major categories of things to do in the game, survive, explore, fight, and trade.  

You set out to do all these things as a humanoid alien known as the Traveler.  Equipped with an exosuit to protect you in harsh environments and a multitool that is used to scan and collect resources or use as a weapon, you begin the game near your crashed spacecraft.  Once you have repaired your spacecraft you can start to travel to new planets and space stations, but beware alien factions might try to engage you in combat.  You can also use hyperspace jumps to travel to other galaxies.  As you explore you gain Units, the in-game currency, for finding new planets, alien bases, and species.  

As you collect blueprints you can use resources gathered to upgrade your exosuits and other equipment.  You don’t have unlimited space for your upgrades and resources, so these things must be managed closely as you progress.  On planets, you can be attacked by hostile animals or self-replicating robots called the Sentinels  Be careful who you attack though because the game has a wanted system that will lead to ever together robots to appear and attack you.  

The size of the universe makes this game almost instantly replayable.  It also allows players to experiment and find the right way to play for themselves.  So if you like a very open-world game, hop in your spacecraft and fly among the stars on PlayStation 4, Windows, or Xbox One today!