Destiny – Intro

Howdy gamers! Destiny is Bungie’s first console release since the Halo series, and was published by Activision in 2014.  This FPS has PvP and PvE content in addition to the main story line.  The game has MMO and RPG elements, but Bungie calls is a Shared-World Shooter.

Destiny has 3 core classes, with 3 sub-classes, and also 3 species.  The species is only a cosmetic characteristic, but the other class identifiers modify the characters abilities.  Hunters focus on mobility.  The Gunslinger sub-class gets a boost accuracy stats and is rewarded for being accurate in game.  Bladedancers are another sub-class, but are tuned for close quarters combat.  The Nightstalker sub-class is more stealth and is able to blind their enemies.  THe next main class are Warlocks, the mages of Destiny.  They have powerful offensive abilities, as well as skills to help them recover and can use melee attacks to reduce the cool-down of other skills.  Titans are tanks and can souk up high amounts of damage.  The Striker sub-class has powerful melee attacks, and their ultimate move can eliminate all enemies in close quarters.  The Defender subclass can help protect allies with a shield.  The Sunbreaker subclass can wield a flamming hammer, and also throw it at enemies.  

The main content of the game is PvE and includes a main story line, but updates have add side missions.  Players can create a fireteam of up to 3 players for co-op PvE.  They can also enter Strikes that have a boss fight at the end of the mission.  There are also 4 PvE Raids for groups of 6 players that must take down a major boss that ties into the games story line.

PvP combat takes place in the Crucible games which include; Control, Clash, Rumble, Skirmish, Elimination, Rift and Supremacy.  Control mode is a control point capture mode with teams of 6 players.  Clash is a team-deathmatch made mode similar to other FPS games.  Rumble is a 6v6 free for all mode.  Skirmishes are similar to Clashes but allies can be revived.  Elimination is like Skirmish mode, but has nine rounds.  A team wins a round once they have eliminated all opposing team members.  Rift is a 6v6 capture the flag style mode.  Supremacy is a 6v6 mode where upon death enemy players drop a chest, and points are gained when the chests are picked up.  There a few time-limited games modes as well.  Salvage is a 3v3 King of the Hill style mode.  Combined Arms modes adds vehicles and turrets to Control and Clash maps.  Inferno mode disables the players radar, and points are scored by killing the enemy.  Doubles mode is a 2v2 version of a Skirmish.  Mayhem modifies skill cooldowns for Clash and Rumble modes.  Zone Control is similar to Control mode but larger zones have to be capture and held to score points.  

If you are ready to take on enemy as you travel around the Galaxy its time to give Destiny a try!  Play on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 now!