Battlerite – Intro

Howdy gamers!  The main difference in most MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games is the cast of characters.  Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions and was also created by Stunlock Studios in 2017.  

The game is much more focused on combat than tactics.  Unlike other MOBAs there are no lanes or neutral units.  Instead each match is deathmatch style where the team with the most kills in the allotted time wins.  The team size is also smaller than most MOBAs, limited to 2-3 players.  These game parameters lead to quicker matches and faster paced combat, and that’s really what we want right?  Some time after the release of Battlerite, Battlerite Royale was released as a speerage game that had the core mechanics of vanilla Battlerite, but changed the game play to be more like a battle royale game, like PUBG.  In this game players team up to battle to be the last man standing.  

Another variation from most MOBA games was the way the players gear their champions.  You can modify your skills and abilities outside of combat, creating a load out for them that will be used when in a match.  The modifications change or add effects of skills, or can increase their power.  And instead of having to level up in a match to unlock abilities, in Battlerite you have all of them available at the beginning of the match.  

If you like quick matches with fast-paced action Battlerite could be your game!  Grab a copy and start playing on Windows today!