ARK: Survival Evolved – Intro

Howdy gamers!  To me the idea of a Jurassic Park type scenario has been kinda scary, but also just as cool.  I think it would likely end like the first movie (spoiler alert) with the dinosaurs escaping the cages and wreaking havoc.  If that ever happened you would have a scenario alot like ARK: Survival Evolved.  In Ark you find yourself on an island inhabited with prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs and you must forage for food, find or make tools, and do whatever it takes to survive.  

Development on Ark started in 2014 and an early release version was available in 2015.  The game was released in August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux, with Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch versions released in 2018.   The game play is similar to other survival games, you can explore a 48 square kilometer world, build a base and defense, and try to tame dinosaurs so you can ride them.   Well that last bit is unique and one of the key features of the.  Taming can be accomplished by either knocking them out with a club or with tranquilizer darts, then feeding them various foods.  Some animals can be tamed by approaching them cautiously and feeding them.  Once an animal is tamed it will follow the players commands.

To stay alive players need to minotaur various meters that track stat levels, like oxygen, health, hunger, stamina, thirst and your carrying capacity.  Your health will slowly regenerate, unless you eat food or other crafted items.  The other meters when depleted can damage your health meter so keep an eye on them.  As you complete the necessary tasks to survive you will gain experience points.  When you level up your maximum health, stamina, oxygen, hunger, thrist, carrying capacity, melee damage, movement speed, and crafting speed will increase.  Players also need to create a base to ensure their survival.  Bases are built by combining crafted items like pillars, floors, doors and walls.  The builder’s imagination is really the only limit to what a base can be.  As you progress in the game you can build with better materials, going from thatch structures, to wood and eventually tek, a late game material.  The game can be played solo, in PvP mode where players can fight each other, or in PvE mode without players being able to harm each other.  

If you like survival games, and you like dinosaurs Ark: Survival evolved might be the perfect game for you.  Grab a copy and tame a T-Rex today!