Player Unknowns Battle Grounds – Intro

Howdy Gamers! There aren’t that many games made that are smash hits every year, and way less game mods that become popular.  But that didn’t stop Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene from taking his original ARMA 2 mod and turning it into one of the biggest games in recent years.  The game was based on a Japanese film called Battle Royale from 2000, and that’s pretty much exactly what PlayerUnknowns Battleground (PUBG) is.  PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, released PUBG in 2017 under the direction of Green.  

PUBG was one of the first battle royale games, and its gameplay directly influenced other titles that would follow in the wake of its success.  Players parachute from an airplane onto a large island and begin to search for weapons and armor to help them go up against rival players.  The number of players can be up to 100 playing solo, in a 2 person duo, or up to 4 players as a squad.

The last man or team standing wins.  As the match timer ticks down, the playable area of the island begins to shrink, and if a player doesn’t move into the playable area they will begin to take damage and eventually be killed and eliminated from the round.  Players earn in-game currency for cosmetics upgrades for their character.  There are event mods that occur, typically with holidays, that allow larger squads, and often change the spawn points for weapons and armor on maps.

PUBG became a smash hit fast, making over $11 million in the first 3 days after launch, so it’s pretty safe to say they got something right when they made it.  If you haven’t played yet, grab your parachute and jump into this free-to-play hit on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Stadia now!

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