Paladins: Champions of the Realm – Intro

Howdy Gamers! If you are looking for an FPS with a slightly different style, Paladins might just be the game for you.  Developed by Evil Mojo Game, and published by Hi-Rez Studios in 2018 Paladins has many standard FPS features, but also incorporates cards for each character that can be used to change and enhance them.

In Paladins each character has a set of cards that can be used to dramatically change their characteristics and their skills.  A player creates a load-out for their character, a set of 5 cards of rank 1-5 and the sum for the values of the ranks can’t be over 15.  Players can also choose from 3 Talents that have the most significant impact on their characters playstyle.  By customizing their character load-outs 2 players can have the same character, yet have very different skills and stats.  Characters can be further augmented with cards that can be bought while in game.  Each character has 4 abilities, an Ultimate skill, as well as a unique weapon. They are broken into 4 different types.  Front Line characters are the tanks, best for holding objectives and protecting the rest of their team, and earn 100% more in game credits while near an objective.  Damage characters deal high amounts of damage and bonus credits while dealing damage to the enemy.  Support characters can give offensive and defensive boosts to their teams, and get bonus credits for healing.  Flank champions are quick and deal heavy damage as well, but their low health can lead to them being overwhelmed by enemies in groups.  They receive 30% bonus points for landing the killing blow on an enemy.

Paladins primary game mode is Siege.  In Siege matches start with a central capture point.  When captured a payload spawns for the capturing team and must be escorted to the enemy base.  Each time the points changes hands or a payload is successfully escorted to its destination a point is earned.  If a teams payload does not reach the destination in time, the opposing team can earn a point.  The first team to 4 points wins. Onslaught and King of the Hill are very similar modes.  In Onslaught mode, Teams earn points by capturing the control point or eliminating enemy team members.  First to 400 points, or tickets, wins.  The King of the Hill variation is that every 90 seconds the point relocates.  In a Team Deathmatch, the first team to 40 kills is the victor.  There is also a competitive Ranked mode that players can use to have higher quality matches.

Paladins can be played for free on Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch so why not put your skills to the test today!

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