Marvel Strike Force – Intro

Howdy gamers!  Have you ever wanted to experience the raw power of a superhero?  Well, Marvel Strike Force might be the closest thing to that you can get in a mobile game.    In this game, you can control some of your favorite heroes, and villains as you battle across multiple encounters that will test the skill of you and your heroes.  Marvel Strike Force is developed by a top-notch mobile game maker, FoxNext.  The game was released back in 2018 and still a favorite of comic book fans around the globe.  Your mission is to team up with the Agents of S.T.R.I.K.E.(Special Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events) and create a squad to stop Ultimus and his minions from taking over the world.

Like other games in the genre, this is a gatch style game that is turn based, you collect shards of characters from orbs.  Once you get enough shards you can unlock that character, and as you gain even more, promote them  and make them more powerful.  You will earn orbs and shards from most gameplay area, through achievements, or purchasing them form the shop.  Their are limited time Events and Challenges that offer unique items and shards from time to time.

On the home screen you will see the various game modes, your character roster, the shop to acquire supplies, a place to see and collect your achievement rewards and Inbox to check communications from the game.  There is also a offers tab where you will find new packs of supplies for a limited time that can grant you power tools for your team.

There are several game modes to choose from which you unlock as you progress in the game. You will start out with the heroes campaign, and move on to other chapters as you advance.  The campaign is a great place to level up and gain needed items to promote your characters.

Next you can go into the Blitz mode and choose your missions to earn milestone rewards for limited time.  These prizes are specific to characters.  Blitz mode lets you face off against others players defensive teams control with AI.  The arena is a similar game mode, but you are fighting to be at the top of the global leader board.

To battle in the Alliance Raids you will need to join a player Alliance, or just stay in the game generated one that you are assigned.  You will team up with up to 24 other members to defeat all the raid nodes for big rewards.  DIfferent levels of raids take more alliance members, and can eventually be your entire alliance needed to beat one.  The next phase of Alliance battles, Alliance Wars takes place between 2 different Alliances.  Each defends their Helicarrier from the attacks.  The Helicarrier’s have 12 rooms each with 2 sets of 8 teams defending them.  The opposing alliance gets to set its defenses per room, so you need a deep roster to be able to help out your alliance the most.

Last but not least is the Dark Dimension.  This mode is for high level players who are truly end game.  There are 3 modes, each more difficult than the next, the rewards are pretty awesome.  Depending on the difficulty you need a certain level of characters and gear and fight through a series of levels, they are tough but offer some of the best rewards in game.

So are you ready to leave your strike force to victory?  Get started collecting your all-star team of Marvel heroes and villains today on iOS or Android.

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