Heroes of the Storm – Intro

Howday gamers! Have you ever thought about who would win in a fight between some of your favorite game characters?  Well, why not find out!  In Heroes of the Storm, you can go into battle with your favorite characters from the Blizzard games universe, like Diablo versus Raynor.  Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a MOBA released in 2015, and the battle maps are locations from many other Blizzard games.

That’s the cool thing about this game, it has a lot of heroes that we know and love from other games, and we can play as them against just about any other Blizzard heroes.  There are the standard types of MOBA heroes, support, damage, and tanks, all uniquely suited for their roles.  However no one of them is able to win the match on their own, and team effort is needed to win the match.

Matches are all very similar styles like other MOBAs with 3 lanes that mobs travel down toward the other team’s base and your team tries to take down the opposition’s towers, mobs, and heroes, and ultimately their base.  However, a few maps change the rules on how the enemy base is damaged or augment the bonus that can be used to help with the task.  Most have a mechanic that requires control over areas of the battlefield to unlock a powerful way to damage the enemy base. Some examples are a giant robot, pirate ship cannons, or nuclear bombs.  All of the maps can be used in different modes.  There are tutorials, training, and versus AI matches that can be used to learn when you are new to the game or to test our new heroes.  Quick matches are for more casual fast matchmaking and match up 2 teams against each other.  Unranked matches use a draft style that lets teams choose one hero at a time, and allows for up to 3 heroes to be banned from play for that match.  Ranked mode is the same, except that it counts towards a player’s competitive ranking, so Unranked can be used to practice without having a negative effect on players ranking.  Finally, there is a Hero Brawl mode that’s has a random ruleset each week and sometimes a non-standard map.  This can be fun, plus you get a loot chest for winning once a week.

There are plenty of maps and heroes to keep the game experience fresh.  See you in the Nexus soon!

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