Destiny 2 – Intro

Howdy Gamers! In 2017 Destiny 2 was released and developer Bungie took Destiny to the next level.  Just like the original, Destiny 2 is a sci-fi FPS with MMO and RPG elements.  Originally launching and paid title, it is now free-to-play with paid expansion packs.  

Similar to the prequel, Destiny 2 lets the player take control of a Guarding from one of 3 classes, each class gaining another subclass.  The Hunter Bladedancer subclass was replaced with the Arcstrider subclass.  Arcstriders use a staff to control and focus electrical energy and are very agile.  Warlocks new subclass the Dawnblade can create Solar Blades and strike enemies while in mid-air, replacing the Sunsinger subclass.  The Titans Defender is replaced by the Sentinel subclass which can create the Defenders shields, but also use the offensively.  Each subclass also receives an additional super ability for more gameplay options.  Once a player reaches Level 50 they shift to gaining power levels through their armor and weapons.   Higher player levels allow them to equip more powerful gear and can be found in daily activities, but the best comes from the more challenging difficulties.  Gear can be improved by infusing old or unwanted gear.

PvP still takes place in the Crucible, like Destiny, but most game modes are 4v4.  The new Quickplay mode does require two 6 player teams however.  A new more complex mode was also added called the Gambit.  In this mode 2 teams of 6 players fight against AI controlled enemies.  When they are killed they drop motes that must be collected and banked.  Every 5 motes a team banks spawns a Blocker for the team to take down.  When one teams banks 75 motes the final boss spawns, and the first to take their boss down wins.  Periodically a portal is open that allows one team to attack the other teams players and try to steal unbanked motes.  Gambit Prime is the was introduced, bringing the mote count to spawn the boss to 100 as well as player level advantage being enabled, so higher level players can have better stats and are not equalized.

As in the original Destiny, the most of the game content is PvE focused.  Most of the PvE missions are similar style but the biggest addition is the new Adventure game mode.  This is similar to dungeon crawling, the player explores area looking for loot.  Some Adventures lead to a Lost Sector, these are hard to find ears that will lead to a boss that will drop a reward when defeated.  Lost Sectors can also be found without starting an Adventure.  There are also Heroic Adventures that are much harder and rotate each week.

Destiny 2 takes its predecessor up a notch in most of its content and gameplay. It expanse the Destiny universe a little, while improving but staying true to the original game.  Some of the game content requires paid expansion, but the core of the game is now free-to-play!  So if you have a Windows PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Stadia you can begin the journey for your “destiny” today!

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