Apex Legends – Intro

Howdy gamers! In the digital age, it’s tough to keep almost anything under wraps for very long.  But that’s just what Respawn Entertainment did as it developed Apex Legends, as most people assumed they were working on the next game in the Titanfall series.  But in February 2019 Electronic Arts published the game with prior promotion or announcements.  But players soon found out about Apex Legends to the tune of about 25 million the first week after launch.

Like other hero shooters Apex Legends has a variety of different playable characters, called legends, with their own unique weapons and skills.  Game play is generally a squad based battle royale.  Players team up in squads of three, and choose their legends.  Each squad can only have one of each legend so making the right choice could be the key to victory.  Matches start with 20 3 man squads in an aircraft with a jumpmaster in each squad deciding when to jump into the battlefield.  Like other battle royale games players scavenge for gear and weapons to help them take on the other squads.  One unique aspect of Apex Legends is the “ping system” that allows players to communicate with the rest of their squad non-verbally.  Its very handy when using a game controller and makes quick simple communication possible.  Like the Titan fall series, Apex Legends lets players vault over low walls, use zip lines, and slide down sloped surfaces.  As the playable area of the map shrinks, and forces encounters with other squads, one squad will eventually emerge victorious even if they only have one member left.  It is easier for some other battle royales to win with more of the squad alive though.  You can revive wounded, but not dead teammates.  Also resurrect members by collecting their respawn banner and taking it to a beacon on the battlefield.  However, if the respawn banner expires the player is eliminated from the rest of the match.

Apex Legends has seasons that span about 3 months and usually introduce new content such as legends and maps.  There are time-limited events typically with holidays that pop up from time to time.

The game is a great blend of a hero shooter and battle royale games, and since it’s free to play there is no reason you shouldn’t give it a shot.  Try it on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch now!

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