Raid: Shadow Legends – Intro

Howdy gamers!  Today I am going to go over the basics of the hit gacha game Raid: Shadow Legends.  This game has changed quite a bit since its release, but I will be starting with the latest update version 2.3.0 and cover all the major features.  First here is a little background on the game. Raid is developed by Plarium who is an Israeli game based company with several titles under its belt, but Raid is by far its most successful hit!  This dark fantasy turn-based RPG was released in mid-2018 and has been going strong ever since.

When you first start playing Raid you will start a tutorial that will guide your through the basics of the game.  During the tutorial you will meet the Arbiter.  She ties into the story of the game so this is as good a place as any to talk about that.  You are cast as an ancient warrior in the land of Telaria, where the Dark Lord Siroth leads his tyrannical reign.  You need to assemble teams of heroes to free the people of the land.  The arbiter is your guide, and can resurrect other warriors from shards to join your side.  You can also collect new champions in various game modes, events and through the games system of fusion but more on that later.  As you battle your way around Teleria you will also gain powerful artifacts to help your champions gain stats that they need to survive and conquer your enemies.  

The hub for the game is your home area called the “Bastion”.  You see several parts to it that you will use to train your champions, improve their ranks, forge and improve their artifacts.  You can also acquire new champions, artifacts, and if your lucky champion shards from the “Market” for silver, and also summon more champions at the “Portal”.  You will begin to collect shards as you play.  There are 4 types of shards that will summon different rarities of champions.  Artifacts and champions both have rarities: they can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary.  They also have star ratings from 1-6, for champions you will have to rank them up by sacrificing other champions, or with “chickens”, while artifacts can’t be ranked up.  The most stars a champion or artifact has the high the stats can be raised.  Champion related ranking up and training can be done at the “Tavern”.  This is also where you can apply skill tomes to them to enhance their skills.  The “Sparring Pit” is where you can let your champions train to increase their levels idley, and can be upgraded to speed up the training.  Gems are also used to purchase a variety of useful items in Raid.  The next place in the “Bastion” we will talk about is the “Gem Mine”  the gem mine, once unlocked will generate free gems overtime, and  like the “Sparring Pit” can be upgraded to give you gems faster.  One of the new additions to the “Bastion” is the “Forge”  where you can create some awesome artifacts that are available nowhere else in the game.  You can also craft a few special artifacts that are only available to end-game players that have reached the Platinum tier of the Classic arena.  This leads us into the game modes in Raid.

There are five game modes that are currently playable, and a teaser for the much anticipated “Doom Tower”, I’ll talk about it more in a bit.  Let’s start off with the “Campaign”.  This is a series of 12 levels that take you through the realms of Teleria, where you will encounter many of the “factions” that make up the champions of the game.  Each campaign area has setting and will give you a different type of artifact. To advance to the next area you will need to defeat bosses and their minions.  You can earn extra rewards by earning perfect 3 star runs on each stage through the 4 difficulty levels.  The campaign is the best place to earn XP to level and rank up your champions.  Some stages are good places to farm certain gear sets for early and mid game progression.  

Next we head over to the “Dungeons” where you can earn ascension potions to ascend your champions.  Ascending will let your champions unlock skills, improve skills, and also increase their base stats.  Potions for each champion “affinity” can be gathered at their respective affinity keeps.  Affinities mean your champions might be stronger against some champions, weaker to others, or neutral to the same affinity or “Void” champions.  “Magic”, “Force”, and “Spirit” are the most common affinities.  There are also 5 other dungeons that offer specific gear sets, and some can only be earned in those dungeons.  First is the “Minotaur’s Labyrinth” this is a unique location that gives you scrolls that you can use to augment your champions with masteries and give them the edge in battles.  There are 6 tiers of masteries each more powerful and hard to earn scrolls for.  The five other dungeons offer unique artifacts, the “Spiders Den” offers jewelry items that can only be fully utilized when your champions rank and ascension are maxed out.  The “Ice Golems Peak” is a tough stage, as are the “Dragons Lair” and “Fire Knights Castle” all offer specialized gear sets that will greatly help you depending on what area of the game you are engaged in.

We can now look into the main PvP area of the game, the “Arena”.  There are two different arenas, Classic, and Tag-Team arena.  Classic is a 4v4 where you choose from a list of opponents defensive teams.  Based on the opponents team composition you might have to change your team to defeat them.  Tag-Team arena is similar, but you face an opponent with 3 teams of 4 champions.  You will have to have a well trained roster of champions to compete in this stage.

“Faction Wars” is one of the newest areas of the game.  There you will earn parts to craft some of the artifacts available in the Forge.  You can also earn varios bonus awards as you earn stars on the levels you beat.  The teams you must use are only from one Faction at a time, and are only open a day at time then closed.  This is another area that you can only conquer with a well rounded set of champions.  

The last open area of the game is the “Clan Boss” which is probably the best place to earn rewards to advance your champions, and also the toughest.  There are 4 levels, Easy, Normal, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare.  Each level has more base stats, getting hard to take down and harder to survive against.  But don’t fret! Your clan is here to help!  You earn clan boss keys each day and you and your clan take turns taking chunks of the Demon Lords health until he is dead, only to revive the next day.  There are different rewards at different levels of damage to the Clan Boss.  If you are able to kill it, you get double the rewards.  One of the best game improvements of late, was to make the Clan Boss rewards “top chest” of rewards achievable for all players in the clan.  Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss is no joke, and if you can take it on, then you have truly reached the end game of Raid.

However the last area of the game, is one that is not open yet, but will probably be the toughest yet!  The “Doom Tower” will consist of 11 Floors, with Mini-bosses at the top of each, and special secret rooms.  Not much is known about this stage yet, but its rewards will be great, and you will get a month at a time to struggle your way to the top and earn them!

If you haven’t played Raid yet, what are you waiting for!  Download it now for PC, Mac, iOS or Android and become and Shadow Legend today!  Happy Raiding!

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